Compression Sleeves and You

Copper Fit Compresion Sleeves and YouProper Circulation

For some people, they have poor circulation due to an injury in a given area on their body. In some cases, weak blood circulation is a natural part of their bodies. Copper Fit compression sleeves can help an athlete get better circulation. This can be crucial for athletes who have previously sustained an injury and people with circulatory issues for whatever reason.


Copper Fit compression sleeves, in addition to protecting joints, can also protect the areas of the body where the sleeve is worn from the elements such as tree branches on a bike ride or run, or even the hands of the football player chasing you down the field as you run for that goal.

Temperature Insulation

In some regions, weather can change on a moment’s notice. The gumption to stick to your routine during inclement weather is another thing when considering the benefits of your Copper Fit compression sleeve. Copper Fits wicks water and perspiration away from the skin, and even acts as an insulation to keep you warm in the cold weather and cool in the warm weather.