The Copper Fit Pro Series: Knee Sleeve!

Copper Fit Pro Series Knee ReviewsThe Copper Fit Pro Series: Knee Sleeve is a high-performance copper-infused compression sleeve that includes built-in kinesiology bands. These bands provide targeted compression and dynamic support to the knee area. The Copper Fit Pro Series: Knee Sleeve is designed to help reduce strain on your knees, it can help you to keep performing your best in any activity, and it is designed to reduce muscle soreness and pain, and to help reduce odors.

A number of Dick Sporting Goods customers have given the Copper Fit Pro Series: Knee Sleeve their 5-star rating and have offered the praises saying:

“I was looking for a knee sleeve and I got referred by a store employee…to try out the Copper Fit Pro Series because it was the only one that worked for him. He literally tried every style and brand Dick’s had in their inventory. So I took [his] advice and bought one. Not sorry I did that, worth every penny! Within 20 minutes my knee pain and swelling was gone. My son bought one of the Pro Series back belts and got the same results, works like a charm.” – Scott3238 from Conklin, NY

“As soon I put this on I was in heaven. I wore it all day and there was no pain and my knee was functioning the way it should be.” cswindell1 from Chesapeake, VA

“I purchased a pair for both knees and put them to the test. They felt so comfortable I hardly knew they were on. They held my knee snug and gave me to confidence to move around with out the pain along with the feeling of total support….I love them and believe in them and highly recommend them….” – Kcjonz21 from Los Angeles, CA

“Much lighter weight than traditional knee supports. Able to bend knee while wearing the sleeve. Does a great job!” – GerryD from Mineola, NY