Is Running Good for Your Knees?


Men’s Fitness magazine recently reported on a new Baylor College of Medicine study that suggests that running may actually help prevent osteoarthritis.

In the long-term study the researchers analyzed data from about 3,000 participants. The participants reported on their main form of activity during four different stages of their lives based on age groups: 12-18, 19-34, 35-49, and 50+. Based on their answers some were classified as a runner and knee x-rays of these “runners” were taken twice with a two-year span in between. The participants reported whether or not symptomatic pain was present. The researchers determined that 22.8% of the “runners” were reported as having osteoarthritis. Interesting enough, however, 29.8% of non-running participants were classified as having osteoarthritis. These suggests that the belief that running can hasten knee damage is potentially inaccurate. It further suggests that running may actually help to protect against knee damage.

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